Dipl.-Ing. Laura Christine Lotteraner

Research Assistant

About Me

Hi, I’m Laura, currently a research assistant at the University of Vienna. I have many professional interests, including sustainability, data visualization and storytelling and urban development that I try to bring together in my various activities. At the moment, my focus is completing my PhD in data science at the University of Vienna, but who knows what will come next?

Work Experience

University of Vienna

Research Assistant

November 2021 - Present

University Website

Bringing together Data Science and the Environmental Sciences.

I am working as a predoctoral research assistant at the Research Platform The Challenges of Urban Futures at the University of Vienna. My doctoral research is carried out at the intersection of data science and environmental sciences, ranging from visualization in groundwater modelling to statistical analysis of pharmaceutical pollution data. My main research interest is explaining human influence on our environment using data that is available from a variety of sources.

Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Product Owner Data Vault

July 2021 - June 2022


Data Storage and Management System

Coordinated and led development of the internal data storage and management system for training data for various deep learning applications.

Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Product Owner DLVP

October 2020 - November 2021


Deep Learning Versatile Platform

Coordinated development and internal sales of the Deep Learning Versatile Platform (DLVP) video-based traffic monitoring system.


University of Vienna

PhD Data Science

2021 - Present

Urban Futures Platform


The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity at the Intersection of Groundwater Management and Visualization Research

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications



Still, outside the framework of a design study, our study was very informative and raised several interesting questions to be answered in future research.

This design study presents an analysis and abstraction of temporal and spatial data, and workflows in the domain of hydrogeology and the design and development of an interactive visualization prototype. Developed in close collaboration with a group of hydrogeological researchers, the interface supports them in data exploration, selection of data for their numerical model calibration, and communication of findings to their industry partners. We highlight both pitfalls and learnings of the iterative design and validation process and explore the role of rapid prototyping. Some of the main lessons were that the ability to see their own data changed the engagement of skeptical users dramatically and that interactive rapid prototyping tools are thus powerful to unlock the advantage of visual analysis for novice users. Further, we observed that the process itself helped the domain scientists understand the potential and challenges of their data more than the final interface prototype.

Side Projects

Vienna ClimateChallenge Hackathon

UniVienna Blogpost

From Idea to Prototype in 3 Days.

With our idea “Verkehr findet Stadt” my team won second place in the Vienna ClimateChallenge Hackathon by the University of Vienna. We got the chance to present it at the Vienna Digital Days 2023 and discuss the project with the City of Vienna.

A Little More About Me

In my freetime I also have many different interests and hobbies. Some of them are

  • Yoga (practicing and teaching)
  • (Mountain) Hiking
  • Reading